Daniel Willcox

Licensed Independent Insurance Broker

When people ask me what I do for a living, I hate saying insurance broker because to me it is so much more than just what I do for a living. I like to say that I help people because that’s really how I look at it. Working at Midwest Insurance Group is the best because we don’t have certain quotas or numbers that we have to hit, when we meet with clients it’s about what we can do to make their lives and experience better.

I am a Christian, and it affects every aspect of my life, especially my job. I take those principles with me into work every day and when I leave, they are a part of me. Doing what is right, what is best for my client, and not for myself is something that I take very seriously.

I really care about my clients and their families, which each person can tell that when we meet. My wife and I have a son, so the family is something very important to me. I see my clients like family. When I sit down with someone to go over their financial planning, health insurance, or life insurance, I take time to make sure it is done right, just like it were for my own family.

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